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Re: Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) fucks Pete right up the ass.. ....again.

> Ok, so they think Pete is a pedophile, even though there is an abundance 
> of evidence that he isn't. 

Ah....careful....I didn't say that.  I don't believe they think Pete is a
pedophile - i.e. someone who has a history of seeking out such images &
who shows a pattern of that type of behavior.  

I believe that *they* believe he visited that site for, shall we say, 
"dirty" reasons.  Not because it's a way of life for him.  But because he
was curious, in a sexual way, to view such images.

And they also believe that the *only* reason Pete contacted them was in
order to build a defense in case he was caught up in the sting of Opera-
tion Ore.

I get the feeling that they think they were used as a pawn in Pete's at-
tempt to dishonestly (in their opinion) defend himself.

So you get their, "Yeah, OK, he contacted us, but notice when he did it"

"Yeah, he contacted us, but only to save his ass.  He's really a dirty old
bugger & he's not fooling *us.*"

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism