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Re: Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) fucks Pete right up the ass.. ....again.

In a message dated 1/6/2004 8:29:29 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<<Simple.  They think that Pete is lying about his reasons for visiting the
site & that he probably enjoys, sexually, images of pedophilia.  They seem
in no way interested in giving him the benefit of the doubt.

It must have killed them to admit that Pete in fact *did* notify them.  
Hmmmmm.  Ok, so they think Pete is a pedophile, even though there is an abundance 
of evidence that he isn't.  

Didn't I hear that someone at IWF was a *Who fan*?  

What did Pete do, that drives IWF to trash his reputation, in spite of all 
the facts that show that he doesn't deserve that?  I understand that the nature 
of what Pete got *caught* doing, puts him under the scrutiny of IWF.  But, it 
seems like they deemed him guilty of being a pedophile before the facts came 
in and don't want to admit they made a mistake.

Not fair.  Hate the message, not the messenger.