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IWF fallacy

The IWF's Roger Darlington puts his argument on shaky
ground by arguing that Pete's reports to them came
AFTER he says Operation Ore was publicized in the UK
(May 2002).  The logical fallacy of _post hoc ergo
propter hoc_ ("after, therefore because") applies.  

In fact Townshend was on the record publically
speaking out against Internet child abuse BEFORE
Operation Ore was common knowledge: ADB was posted in
January 2002.  He spoke out on the issue as early as
December 1999, in interviews broadcast on BBC Radio.

Townshend wasn't trying to create an alibi by
reporting what he had seen to the IWF beginning in
August 2002: he was trying to get someone to help. 
It's a shame the IWF continues to publically trash him
- as they did last year in stoking the tabloid feeding
frenzy - in complete violation of their own remit
which states that all reports to them will be held in

"There once was a note.  Listen."

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