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Pete's interview

<sigh> I'm not going to go titty for tatty with you

Ah, thank you. I was hoping you'd gotten over being pissed off. I apologize for upsetting you last summer, but I was just getting really uncomfortable with everything.

.....um....Citizen Kane.

Sorry about that. Not only am I not subscribed to igtc (and depending on the good graces of Paul to post my messages from this eddress), but I don't even have a computer right now. I have to borrow from long-suffering friends.

But, to imply that Pete saught legal advise prior to his research is a
complete hypothetical based on not one shred of evidence, or even the
It's, quite frankly, a figment of your strong desire and imagination.
To plop it out there like there's some possibility of this, *is* what you
term....."fabricating reality".
Might as well say "it would be a miscarriage of justice if Pete were forced
to do this research by Scottland Yard and then were arrested."

I thought Pete did say he talked to his lawyer somewhere along the line and was advised not to report what he had found, but whatever. Let me say again that THIS IS ALL ONLY SPECULATION, but I'm still wondering why Pete continues to say this. You and John may be right that he's just in denial, but logically people have some basis for what they continue to insist on. If we are to believe that Pete is truthful and innocent and is trying to follow the 12-step program, then he must have some reason for saying this about the law.

I thought there were elements of strategy in the interview, and (as they're saying about Michael Jackson) this is not good strategy unless Pete really expects to accomplish something by continuing to say it. Maybe he will explain further in some later interview.

Gotta go folks. It was nice visiting for the holidays. Take care, and I love all you guys. :)


P.S. Did somebody mention the rumor about Roger being in LOTR III? I didn't start it. t was on another list a while back.

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