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Re:RES: What's Next for the Who (Rolling Stone Article)

> >Just think, in a month we'll be critiquing two new 
studio Who songs.
> Funny, I'm 30 and I live in Brazil, where The 'Oo has 
never been that
> famous... So, I never had the oportunity to listen to 
new Who music (I don't
> take "Dig" and "Fire" as "Who songs") by the time of 
its release. I might
> say I'm really excited about it (but a little bit 
worried about how RGLB and
> ORW will stand in comparision to old material).
> AKAMINE, Oswaldo

Well, at least, we won't have to face the dilemma "buy 
or not to buy the 'Then and Now' collection", because 
it will never be released in our country. ;)

I'm very excited about the new songs, too, and worried 
because I think Pete's guitar sound is too softer in 


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