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Re: Re:RES: What's Next for the Who (Rolling Stone Article)

> I don't take "Dig" and "Fire" as "Who songs"

I don't take them as Who songs either.  I should.  But I don't.
Here's hoping that the new songs (!) are better than "Fire" &
"Dig."  The titles are longer- that's a start!

> I'm very excited about the new songs, too, and worried 
> because I think Pete's guitar sound is too softer in nowdays.

Right!  That's part of the reason why FACE DANCES & 
IT'S HARD were weak(er):  LACK OF LOUD FUCKIN' 

Here's hoping the new songs (!) have LOUD guitar!

Disclaimer:  Who fans shouldn't wish.  It's selfish & it's rude.
Who are we to question Pete's genius?  Let's just..........join
together with the band.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism