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Re: Rabbit Speaks, Begs for Money

>> This kind of conceit or *hogging of the writing credits*, or whatever
>> you want to call it *attitude* is pretty damn selfish in my opinion!

>I don't think you're being entirely serious, Joe, but I, for one, would
rather Pete hog all the writing.  It's *his* writing which has touched
me most.  He holds the key.  Not Daltrey.  Or Rabbit.


Nobody takes me seriously! ;-)

I am being just a bit impatient here.   Pete knows best.   If it were
easy being one of the greatest composers / songwriters of the 20th
century I guess everyone would be doing it!

I'm okay... I'll be all right...    Poor bastard though, that Rabbit!
What does he suddenly need $22,000 for?

Joe in Philly