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Re: Rabbit Speaks, Begs for Money

> It dawned on me that if it is at all possible for Rabbit to
> present music for The Who to record.  Could he contribute
> to the writing and composition?

Rabbit *does* write.  I have one of his '70s solo albums.  But I can't 
see him writing a complete song for The Who.  I think Rabbit knows his
role in The Who; and it's not writing.

> Can anyone contribute besides Pete?

Now?  No.  Perhaps Daltrey has the clout to add a suggestion here or
there, but Pete's gotta be the man.  More pressure on Pete.  Just what
he needs.

> If it is true that nobody can write for The Who besides Pete 
> Townshend....  Then....  This is the underlying fundamental that 
> weakens the overall *current* Who line-up for me.

Why do you say that?  The Who's principal songwriter isn't dead!  Why,
all of a sudden, since John is gone, must Pete delegate songwriting
duty to other people?  He's got hundreds of "pieces of music" just lying
around!  I say, take advantage of that & pick out some winners.

> This kind of conceit or *hogging of the writing credits*, or whatever 
> you want to call it *attitude* is pretty damn selfish in my opinion! 

I don't think you're being entirely serious, Joe, but I, for one, would
rather Pete hog all the writing.  It's *his* writing which has touched
me most.  He holds the key.  Not Daltrey.  Or Rabbit.

> especially when people's livelihoods hang in the balance.     

Oh, I think Rabbit's doing just fine.  He was simply trying to shift 
some merchandise, that's all. 

> Now I am beginning to imagine what it felt like for John to have The 
> Who end and be at the mercy of Pete's mood.

That's sort of a separate issue as John seemed to get pissed when Pete
kept the band off the road for such long periods of time.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism