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Re: THEN AND NOW Release Details

> Our local classic rock station has been mentioning the prospect of 
> new Who-tunes for a while now.  

I don't listen to classic rock radio much but I'd be willing to bet
Cleveland's classic rock station (WNCX) would play any new Who song
released as a single.  I remember "English Boy" getting some airplay
back in '93.

My point is, I think radio stations will give it an initial chance.
Any new Who song has enough of a novelty behind it already:  "First
Who song in over 20 years!", etc.

And, if the song is actually *good* (knock on wood) then the sky's
the limit.  It could get tons of airplay & generate a lot of interest.  

> I think Pete has some 20+ years of material to pick from.

Yeah, if that's the route they're going - choosing from Pete's vast
catalog of unreleased demos - then it'll be a breeze to come up with
a new album.

The hardest part is writing the songs.  If all they have to do is
*choose* the songs, then half the work is already done.  All they'd 
have to do then is work on arrangements, rehearse, & record.  Voila'!
New Who album!

It really pleases me to hear that Pete isn't going to fret & worry
about coming up with 10-12 brand-spanking-new songs.  That's gotta
take a lot of pressure off him.  I'm sure there is enough workable
material in his 4 billion "pieces of music" to strain away 10 or 12
good song ideas from.

> But look at how huge "Ultimate Collection" was.  There's still (at 
> least there was at that time) interest in greatest hits collections.

Right.  To us it just seems like greatest hits after greatest hits.
But we have to remember that new generational Who fans are appearing
every few years to gobble up current product.  These are people who
have never heard of HOOLIGANS or WHO'S BETTER, WHO'S BEST.

> I'm just psyched we haven't heard any snide comments about the title 
> "Really Good Looking Boy".  Still holding my breath.......

Wasn't it funny how that TAN flyer went out of it's way to mention that
RGLB was about Elvis!  Just in case!

I received a couple cracks from a friend upon informing him of the news.
"Should Pete Townshend really be releasing a song with that title?" he 
asked.  "Might as well call it 'Won't Get Caught Again' or 'Behind Blue
Balls,'" he said.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism