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Re: Passing thru Temecula

In a message dated 2/23/2004 10:01:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Kevin.ONeal@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<Jon and Jo sitting in a tree!
Don't start any false rumors now Kev.  Jon's wife will beat the shit out of 

Although I thought Jon was very cute and we got along fabulously, married men 
are not my *thing*.

Jon is extremely easy to talk to and he isn't strange at all SCOTT!!!  

I only wish we had more time.  We got into some theories about Keith and his 
possible salvation.  But, believe it or not, we had a million other things to 
talk about that had nothing to do with the Who.  Again, the time went by to 
quick.  When he got here, I had a voice, when he left, I had no voice :(.  Also, 
he brought some much needed rain to California with him.  It has barely 
stopped raining since he got here!

I think 99% of the guys on this list are the *good* guys.  But, Jon sets the 
standard :)

Jo :)