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Whic side of the stage...

>Subject: Whic side of the stage...
>From: Steve
>Well, I fondly remember 1996 in Vancouver, deep on JAE's side, with
binoculars, focusing on his fingers....the bass finally came into its own.
Ever since, (up until >2002) I've spend binocular time watching JAE's
fingers move.

For me, it's Camden 2000.
7th row, right in front of John.  Actually, enough toward center to be able
to grab Roger's attention from time to time.  And, get Roger's attention
enough, and you know Pete's is soon to follow.
But, besides staring at John's fingers, I found his very subtle expressions
to be entertainment all on their own.
That subtle raising of eye brows.
The quick facial scoff.
The glance at the audience, the turning of his back, and then a pick out of
no where.

It's like one of those Looney Tunes cartoon's, where the screen get's
smaller and smaller, until there's only Porky Pig sticking his head out of
the center of the screen and saying ...'Abady-abady-abady...That's all
Our focus was narrowed by Keith's death.
Is now much more narrowed by John's death.

Eventually, it turns to black.

Talk about being a downer!
Kevin in VT