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Lets get to know Pino!!!!

Lets get to know Pino.

Here is just a few of the albums that Pino was on he has been on a lot so
here is just a few you "might" like to here.

Tears for Fears -
Melissa Etherige -Yes I am
Phil Coliins - But Seriously
Elton John - Solid
and of course Pete's White City.
This I just to name a few. If you want to listen to any of these to hear
Pino play on other albums.

Now one thing his basses can not campare to John's buzzard basses that is
for sure. I love the Buzzard sound. Plus is fingers could not keep up
with John's. No one can. He could never play like John and I would not
want any one to play like John ever! I don't have to worry no one will!!!

John's buzzard basses!
Both the original Buzzard and the Buzzard-2 have 26 fret phenolic
fingerboards with Roman numeral inlays. The side mounted LED's are
standard on the Buzzard and optional on the Buzzard-2.

Pino's basses
'63 P-Bass tuned down to D
Moon Larry Graham signature 4-string tuned down to C#, with La Bella
flat-wound strings, plugged into a miked Ampeg B-15
Circa-'79 fretless Music Man StingRay 4-string
'63 Precision with LaBella flatwound strings
'60s Fender Mustang bass
Hybrid fretless 5-string built by Jeff Finch
Warwick Thumb Bass 5-string (fretted)

Now I know this will not change non Pino fans. That is not way I am doing
it. I stand behind Pete and Roger 100 percent in any thing they do. It is
and was not easy for them to try to find some one to play bass in the
first place. I sit back and enjoy!
Do note: I do love to read your veiws!!!

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