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Re: Pino on Bass

> Old Keets was jumping around like the show was the greatest on earth, 
> and here were Stu, Scott and I kind of still shell-shocked at what we 
> just witnessed.  And, what we had witnessed wasn't good.

I remember, Keets said, "What didn't you like about the show, Scott?"
But I was too tired to even think of anything specific.  I had been up
for like 48 hours.  I just knew it hadn't been a good Who show.  Partly
because John was gone & partly because it was just a sloppy, unenergetic
Who show.

I remember thinking, "Fuck.  I've got three more of these concerts to 
attend."  It was that bad.

But then Camden happened the next night & it was obvious that the Who-
Train was properly back on its tracks & running smoothly.  What a relief.
I remember, after the show, leaving the seating section where me & Joe L. 
had been sitting (standing) & seeing Kevin & Stu walking towards us with
big smiles on their faces.  "Now *that* was a good Who show!" I think I
said.  Everyone agreed.

> It was good to hear later from Matt, that he too felt like something 
> (other than John) was missing at Boston 1.  Confirmation is a good thing.

I've had people ask me:  Why would you go see more than one show on a tour?
Don't they play the same songs each night?

It's difficult to explain the subtleties, the intangibles that can occur
to make a Who show powerful or limp.  That's part of the danger, I suppose. 

> I'm very ambivalent about this tour, especially given the recent 
> announcement about Pino, and Roger saying this is the last year (still 
> not confirmed).

Me, too.  I don't know if I'm gonna do the 4-show jaunt again this tour.
Maybe 2 shows.  I still enjoy seeing Pete play live, so.... <sigh>

> It's a damn far distance from where we were, and the direction we were
> going the day before Who-Tour 2002.  Wow.  It's staggering to think about 
> it.

Ugh.  Depressing.  Bringing me down.  OX.  Why?  Shite.  The Who.  Tragedy.
Hand-in-hand.  Career.  Legacy.  Almost.  Nearly.  Tattered.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism