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Rog on Virgin Radio

Subject: Re: Rog on Virgin Radio

> He also said that Tommy at the RAH will be
> He didn't expand on it but a few surprises are on
the way. 

Thanks for the update, Dereck.  Did Roger mention the
word "acoustic?"
There are rumors swirling around the PT chatboard
saying that TOMMY at
the RAH will be performed acoustically.

No, no mention of acoustic at all. The interview was a
bit annoying actually. My Generation was played, not
so much in the background, but practically over the
spoken word so a number of things weren't clear.
Definitely no acoustic mentioned though.

Rog is on BBC Radio2 this afternoon. 2pm GMT i will
listen in here for new stuff. (am supposed to be in a
"team meeting" in work.) I think this is more

Yeah i've read the PT chatboard. Not sure where they
got it but someone mentioned Sky NEws.
I really hope they're wrong.

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