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Re: Rog on Virgin Radio

----- Original Message ----- From: "Dereck Evans"

> Rog is on BBC Radio2 this afternoon. 2pm GMT i will
> listen in here for new stuff. (am supposed to be in a
> "team meeting" in work.) I think this is more
> important.

In case Dereck was in his meeting, Roger said that Tommy at the RAH would
"probably" be acoustic.  He also mentioned that he would try to make next
year his last as organizer of the event, but wasn't sure if he'd find anyone
to take his place.

They did ask him about the album and tour, but barely gave him a chance to
answer.  Roger started mentioning the new album with Pete but was
interrupted and didn't say anything about a tour.  Later in the interview
they brought up other, shall we say, mature artists, who've made a ton of
money touring in recent years.  Rog agreed, saying that's the only way to
make money now, but he didn't mention a new Who tour.  He started to mention
the "warm up" gigs, but was interrupted again.  He did however find plenty
of time to express the opinion that the problem with record sales is.....the
compact disc.  Yes, that's right.  The reason why artists can't sell music
anymore is that the CD packaging is boring compared to wonderful old vinyl
LPs.  All in all it was good to hear Rog on the "radio" and the hosts gave
him plenty of respect, even though one of them wanted to play "Squeeze Box"
and the other said he'd rather play "5:15" because "no one plays it."  They
also played "Giving It All Away", which seemed to please Rog.

Jim M