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Rog on Virgin Radio

Virgin radio played an interview (recorded earlier)
with Rog last night.
He said a number of interesting things.
Firstly, we all now know about Pino.He also said that
Tommy at the RAH will be "different" He didn't expand
on it but a few surprises are on the way. They will be
supported by THE Coral. (Up and coming brit band)

At the time of interview, Pete has not submitted any
new stuff for an album. When he says new, he means
since the allegations etc. Any new music on an album
(he seemed sure there will be one)will be music Pete
has had for a while. He also said that it could be 6
or 12 songs long!!

Not sure when this was recorded but he did mention
there would be 4 warm up gigs (not 3)but not sure
where they would be.

Read what you want into it.

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