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Re: Rog on Virgin Radio

> He also said that Tommy at the RAH will be "different." 
> He didn't expand on it but a few surprises are on the way. 

Thanks for the update, Dereck.  Did Roger mention the word "acoustic?"
There are rumors swirling around the PT chatboard saying that TOMMY at
the RAH will be performed acoustically.

> Any new music on an album (he seemed sure there will be one)will be 
> music Pete has had for a while. He also said that it could be 6 or 12 
> songs long!!

This is actually good news.  Rather than laboring over new songs, the
band can simply choose from the 4 million "pieces of music" that Pete
has accumulated over the years.  Much easier than starting from scratch.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism