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Pino Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

> does anyone notice that the name itself "pino palladino" is musical? 

In a cruel twist of fate, his name has more fluidity than his bass

> > > Basically, no reason to look left anymore.
> >
> > Wow.  That's harsh.
> Oh, come on.  It's not *that* harsh.

I meant humorously harsh.  Like, "Damn, das cold!"

> Many dolts wouldn't look left when *John* was there.

Ah HA!  I'm glad to see you've finally accepted my view that, as you say,
"many" Who concert attendees (the average punters) could've cared less
about "the left side of the stage," focusing instead on Pete & Roger. (Ya
like how I read all that into your statement?)   

> There'll be people showing  up in chicken-head costumes.

Jo & Ollie are starting a fan club.  Prats For Pino.  ;-/  

> Oh, and then there'll be those that show up in fish-head costumes 
> because of Zak's fish lip expressions (first coined, I believe, by 
> Jacqueline, describing Zak's expression like a fish rising to the top 
> of the tank to eat some food.  Absolutely dead on description!)

Hey, the man's gotta breathe!

> The man is stiller (?) than John ever was.

You're right!  Oh sure, Pino's got *that* part down!

> (Rabbit flourishes?)

That's all I could come up with.

> > Pino doing his chicken-head peck.  That *is* The Who.
> Now, *that's* harsh!

Humorously harsh.  Remember?  We like to have a little bit of fun.

> Hey Scott, there's that "faith" word again.
> Sounds like one of Jo and Jon's crowd!  ;-)

(!)  My soapbox is broken.  While I'm having a new one constructed, "(!)"
will have to convey my anti-religion, pro-science ramblings.  So, to your
above comments, I say, "(!)."

> There are plenty of bassists out there that, while not reaching John's
> heights, are more adept to reaching out, stretching, lettin' it go, 
> getting a bit more lead than rhythm.

Good point.  I think that's what has a lot of people miffed.  There's 
no human spirit (!) coming from "Who bass" anymore.  It's all regimented
& structured.  Bare-boned & cold.  Plunk plunk plunk.  

> Is it too much to ask, now that there's been plenty of time to really 
> look around, to see if there's anyone else out there that could handle 
> the seat better?  I mean, look at the improvement, even admitted by 
> Pete, with Zak at the skins.  

Another good point.  I've always said that Pete likes to reward those
musicians who have helped him in the past; he likes to stay loyal to

But if that's so, then why the switch from Simon Phillips to Zak Starkey?
Was that move initiated by Pete?  Roger?  Or did Zak approach *them* & 
plead his case?

Perhaps Pino's got the gig because a queue of bass players never formed.
None of the established, more suitable bass players took the initiative
& contacted Pete or Roger asking to be involved.  Who the hell knows.
> I say, (hypothesis) that by bringing Pino back, it really is going to 
> be the last year.

I'm still not convinced Pino will be the bassist on any N. American tour.
Come August, Pino might be gettin' high with Art Garfunkel in Amsterdam.

> Why does this have to be an emotional thing?  Why is it, "stand behind 
> him" and don't analyze, or else be a Who-traitor?

Fan Group One:  Always happy.
Fan Group Two:  Sometimes happy, sometimes perturbed.
Fan Group Three:  Always perturbed. 

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism