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Satin and Lace - was Pino on Bass

In a message dated 2/14/2004 7:44:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Keithjmoon70@xxxxxxx writes:
<Alan, I really enjoyed reading this.  Great insight

Me too........

Ok........I can't hide it anymore.  Here it is.  I hate being single on 
Valentine's Day!!.

Everyone is out with there sweethearts.  I used to plan for weeks to make 
Valentine's Day special for my sweetheart.  I still do, but my sweethearts are my 
kids and only my kids.  It now takes two hands to count how long it has been 
since I have had a sweetheart on Valentine's Day, that wasn't my children.  It 
is my choice.  I choose to keep it that way, for now.  So, this is what I 

I made some Rose/Sandelwood soap, and had some candles given to me by a dear 
friend.  Crystal glass, spring water.  Bubbles, lotsa bubbles in the bath.  
Locked the door, to keep the peeps out.  Spent some quality time, listening to 
Who by Numbers.  

In my life, that is my one true Who "love" album.  

I listened to the side with Blue, Red and Grey and How many Friends.  

On Blue Red and Grey, if that isn't a symbol of who the true heartbeat of the 
Who really is, then there isn't one.  Very, very top of my favorite Who 
songs.  So simple.  Just one voice and one instrument.  Made me think about how at 
different times of my life, there have been different parts of the day (and 
night) that have been my favorite.  This time of my life, it is the sunset, the 
blue, red and grey sunset or any colored sunset actually.  

How many friends.............that is kind of an appropriate song to sing, 
when spending Valentine's alone.  Makes me think, about old friends, about people 
I have loved that have betrayed me, or that I have betrayed.  How precious 
people can be, and how hard it can be to trust........again.

After that album side was over, with one dark red candle still burning, the 
song "Satin and Lace" came into my mind.  I haven't sang that song in so 
long.........so I did, over a few times in fact running the meaning of the lyrics 
over in my mind, fear, hurt, love, dreams, searching.  Reminding myself, this is 
my choice.  No need for me to cry 'cause now I..............understand.