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Re: Pino on Bass

>From: Alan McKendree
>Subject: Re: Pino on Bass
 >I don't blame Pino for this decision, I blame Pete.

Uh, oh....

>I won't say my first show without John was unbearable, but it was a huge
bummer, for lack of a better word.

What the hell??
Why didn't you say anything??
Scott, Stu and I all felt like outcasts for even *suggesting* the Boston 1.
show was a disappointment, and there you were hiding your feelings?
Boston I, *was* your first non-John show, right?

>Seeing that stage and hearing that music without John was like a stab.

Like when something leaves a hole in you?

>*However*. In 2002 it was an emergency. Now? Not. Pete and Roger have had
time to carefully consider who to choose (ask) to play the tour.

Thank you!

>But the unifying factor about all of my choices is that they are famous in
their own right and would be expected to carry some of the burden of the
show and >probably take a solo.

Exactly.  Not only is John gone, but there's no attempt to fill the musical
void.  To match the style.  To try and make the "equation" right again.
Granted with a different variable, but at least *try* and keep the equation

>The point is that with John gone, there is *no one* onstage to challenge
Pete musically. To make him mad. To give him something to think about or to
>To pull audience focus.

Excellent point.  The competition factor of the equation.  Ooooo, this is
good.  I didn't express it as well, but this is getting to what I meant by a
"I know my place bassist".  Pete and The Who is driven by competition.
Without it, you get ho-hum.  Roger can only do some much.  It's all on Pete
now, but with nothing to drive his ass (except for perhaps a bit 'o Zak).
His efforts in 2002 were admirable, but there were clearly some shows were
Pete's motivation was lacking, and thus the show was lacking.

A bassist, like Flea, would kick some shit into the show that Pete would be
forced, and want to respond to.  It would be great.
That said, I can't imagine Pete sharing the stage with a youngster such as

>Even that 2 minutes of individual flash by someone else had to be papered
over with Pete's answer.

 And this is were the Pete anger starts to come out, and I start to not

 >At this point, with the choice of Pino for the upcoming show, the show is
The Pete Show. It's Pete with sidemen.
>Pete has wanted control of The Who since its inception and now he's got
another huge chunk of it, and the choice of Pino shows he's not about to
give any of it >up.

If you're talking about *musical* control, like making the band perform in a
very polished, almost pre-packaged way, than I can see some of that.  But,
I'm not as cynical about this as what the above sounds.  I don't buy that
Pete is making selfish decisions, to support his own career, and individual
stardom.  I also think that if Pete really wanted to do that, he's smart
enough to know that to achieve the greatest degree of success will be
directly dependant on achieving the greatest amount of success for The Who
in general.  Hell, his solo career is proof.  Plus, how does one explain
Zak?  Zak clearly can take much attention away from Pete, and also
challenges Pete (when Pete lets him).  I wish Pete would allow those
challenging moments, those moments of communication between Zak and himself
grow more, allow to explore.

I've noticed in some fans, particularly strong John fans, that there's a lot
of resentment against Pete.  For perceived slights at John, perhaps??  I'd
love to see one of you expound a bit on what it is that is generating this.
I know it's there.  I've seen it and heard it.  And, I know there's probably
the thinking 'I don't want to go diving into it on a list, and be seen as a
Pete hater', but....
It's much deeper than just Pino.

>The choice of Pino shows that Pete's playing it safe. I want someone in
there who will surprise not only me, but Pete, and I don't expect that from
Pino. He's never >done it yet.

Playing it safe may not be the entire explanation.  I see it as a lack of
interest.  Like "who gives a shit, I've promised Roger to do this album and
tour, and I just want to get on with it, get it done, and get the fuck out".
It's the 'get the fuck out' that's kind of disappointing.  The end.  The
last year.
No point taking time to find someone who will fit in better, who will repair
the equation, who will stand out on his own right, who will challenge.
No point taking the time to find that someone, get to know them personally,
professionally, start to develop that chemistry, etc, etc,

The song is over.......
The interest is gone.

Kevin in VT