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RE: Pete and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame

I checked with them to see more of what they do and what their criteria for membership are. The parent organization is the National Academy of Popular Music, founded in 1969, and they appear to be a non-profit organization located in NYC that provides support for aspiring songwriters. They have four levels of annual membership, as follows, plus, they welcome other donations.

I got a touch of discussion about this on some other lists. If the membership of the organization is mostly philanthropists and music industry professionals, it's curious they don't respect Pete more. Mc, I somehow doubt we'll be able to pack enough Whofans into the membership to influence the vote, so another strategy might be in order.

I'm not sure Whofans can do more than harass them with some emails, but do you suppose they allow campaigning during the voting process?

Maybe Pete should ask for a copy of the membership roster and send all of them a copy of THE WHO'S GREATEST HITS, with "Who Are You" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" as heard on CSI, and "Substitute" as heard in SCHOOL OF ROCK, and "Magic Bus" as heard in JERRY MCGUIRE, and "Baba O'Riley" as heard in etc., etc.?

Or do you suppose it's like the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Maybe he should send a large donation that might be noted in their newsletter.

What about the rest of you guys? What do you suppose the key to this honor is?


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