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Re: Pino on Bass

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 10:10:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Ollie Cat <ollie1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have to agree with Jo on this one.
Pino had guts to get up there knowing what people are thinking. Yet he still gets up there and does what he has to do. Plus if Pete and Roger think and feels confortable with it well so do I. I have faith in their choice. As we all know there will be no one like John ever. So I saw give Pino a chance don't be so quick ot put him down. His style is different so what. He is Pino let him be him. Hell I would not want to see any one but John there. But some one must step in why not Pino.

Because he's already had his "chance", if you want to call it that. I don't blame Pino for this decision, I blame Pete. I say this with full respect and love for Pete. His songs have literally changed my life.

I won't say my first show without John was unbearable, but it was a huge bummer, for lack of a better word. Seeing that stage and hearing that music without John was like a stab. Pino did a great job at that show and all through 2002 by just being there. Someone had to do it and I give him all credit for doing so, under the worst circumstances. I'm sure he's an upstanding human being and never kicks the cat. I'd love to buy him a beer.

*However*. In 2002 it was an emergency. Now? Not. Pete and Roger have had time to carefully consider who to choose (ask) to play the tour. I've said before that my first choice would be Jack Bruce, but there are a number of others that I'd also like to see (Greg Lake, Jim Lea, Lemmy, Victor Wooten, and Chris Squire, to name a few. Heck, Flea might spice thing up.). But the unifying factor about all of my choices is that they are famous in their own right and would be expected to carry some of the burden of the show and probably take a solo.

The point is that with John gone, there is *no one* onstage to challenge Pete musically. To make him mad. To give him something to think about or to top. To pull audience focus. At first, when John started playing his solo during 5:15, the song was played pretty much straight, then John solo, then back to the song and end. Later, when Pete saw how the place erupted after John's solo, he started doing his own solo afterwards. Even that 2 minutes of individual flash by someone else had to be papered over with Pete's answer. At this point, with the choice of Pino for the upcoming show, the show is The Pete Show. It's Pete with sidemen. Roger's essential for what he does, no one's arguing against him. He's the frontman and gets the audience focus. But when Pete wants to shine, he knows and the audience knows that all eyes are on him. Expect to see a Zak solo? Nyet. He supports, he doesn't challenge. Pino? He might (and might not) get My Generation to do the obligatory bass solo, but other than that he's been a black-clad, competent placeholder. Pete has wanted control of The Who since its inception and now he's got another huge chunk of it, and the choice of Pino shows he's not about to give any of it up. The choice of Pino shows that Pete's playing it safe. I want someone in there who will surprise not only me, but Pete, and I don't expect that from Pino. He's never done it yet.