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RE: Pete and Songwriter's Hall of Fame

Here's what I've posted about it. I didn't get all the lists, but I did send it to a few. Here's hoping Pete gets in next time.


You may recall that Pete was on the ballot but not voted in last year. A number of Whofans seem to have sent email messages about Pete not being on the ballot again this year (thank you!), and at least one member of igtc sent a more detailed recommendation. Here's what Mc has posted on it:

"Pete Townshend has been on the ballot a couple of times and has not been voted in by the membership as yet. If you'd like to join and have a voice, you can give us your address and we'll send you some info. Thank you for your interest."

Their e-mail is songwritershalloffame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I recommend that we start the movement now to vote him in next year by sending e-mails of support for Pete, and for becoming members so we can vote ourselves.

This means it wasn't just a fluke that Pete wasn't voted in because came up on the ballot during a bad year. Apparently he doesn't have the name recognition to be voted in by what is presumably a mostly American organization. Elton John, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, etc. are already inducted.

I checked with them to see more of what they do and what their criteria for membership are. The parent organization is the National Academy of Popular Music, founded in 1969, and they appear to be a non-profit organization located in NYC that provides support for aspiring songwriters. They have four levels of annual membership, as follows, plus, they welcome other donations.

Lifetime member $1000
Executive member (music industry only) $100
Professional member (list organization) $50
Associate member (non-voting) $25

Anyone who is a music industry professional or who would just like to support the organization, please consider taking out a voting membership in order to vote for Pete. Also, please pass this along to anyone else who might be interested and inspired to vote for Pete. Whofans are being slighted here. |

Thank you.

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