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Townshend also wrote quite a bit of great music as a solo artist, including a full stage play/rock concert called "Psychoderelict."

It is time Pete Townshend makes the songwriter's hall of fame, with credit long past due considering the volume of work he has created and the influential and innovative nature of his work.  Please put him on the next ballot.  It would be wrong not to."

Here is the response I received:

"Pete Townshend has been on the ballot a couple of times and has not been
voted in by the membership as yet. If you'd like to join and have a voice,
you can give us your address and we'll send you some info.
Thank you for your interest."

Their e-mail is songwritershalloffame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx          

I recommend that we start the movement now to vote him in next year by sending e-mails of support for Pete, and for becoming members so we can vote ourselves.