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Re: March, London Dates

In a message dated 2/12/2004 5:24:11 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
thewho@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

  can i ask where you got this info from please

Sure, I got it from the Odds and Sods list....and on Pete's chatboard.  2 
sources.  Also, Briaininatlanta sent this:


The announcement tomorrow morning will be that The Who
will be playing three warmup shows for RAH at the
Kentish Town Forum in London. The dates are March 22,
24 and 25. Tickets go on sale at 10am GMT (that's 5am
EST, 2am PST). The venue only holds a little over 2000
people so expect tickets to go fast.

is listing it so you may be able to buy tickets there.
Phone number: 020 7344 0044

Good luck!

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!