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RE: Mad Dog 1975 John Entwistle

C Bogs,

Thanks for you imput. All of John's solos are great all different in ways. It would have been cool to see what the JEB band could have done with Mad Dog. Yet it is a song in it's self and it fits that album with the ladies sing it!(birds)
Have a great one!

--- "C Bogs" <moonshineboy99@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good luck getting anyone to respond if you're not talking politics or 
insulting someone, but i digress...

I've never thought about John singing "Mad Dog".  As it says in the liner 
notes of the album, it's not really suitable for a male singer, but it 
definitely would be a completely different song, that's for sure.  I 
actually just recently listened to this album & i forgot how good some of 
the songs are.  I especially like "Who In The Hell?", "I'm So Scared" & the 
instrumental "Jungle Bunny".  Although this album doesn't compare, in my 
opinion, to John's first 2 albums, there aren't any songs on MD that i don't 
like.  Those are my thoughts, in a very small nutshell.

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