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Re: Hearing impaired fans!

	>From: "Schrade, Scott" 
	>Subject: Re: Hearing impaired fans! 
>The chiropractor doing his thing didn't cause your hearing to vanish in
>one ear.

Oh, don't be so sure.
I used to review Chiropractic notes for an insurance company in a past employment life.
Adjustments can have all sorts of negative effects on the body.
The AMA warns that sudden twists of the neck can trigger stroke.

Rarely could a Chiropractor show improvement of the patients condition over time.
Take that for what it is.
And, too many times have I stared at page after page of chiropractic "documentation" (HA!) that simply read "tolerated treatment well".
Yes, the patient tolerated their "treatment" "well", 3 days a week, for........over 5 years!

That said, I've never been.
And, a whole bunch of people love it.  (Nothing to do with the release of endorphins adjustments trigger.  Nah, can't be that.  ;-)
Thus, the many laws mandating it's coverage.
See what a good lawyer can get ya?  ;-)

Chiropractors...one of the most litigious group of angry, whiney, Dr. wannabe's I've ever seen.
Dr. Smith, D.C.

That's redundant, dude!

Kevin in VT

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