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Re: Hearing impaired fans!

> Here's the story:  


Jon, thanks for telling your story & I apologize for snapping at you
yesterday.  My main reason for doing so was to try to get you to think
a bit more rationally about your experience.  Plus, the thought of Jo
possibly spending money on a chiropractor visit for her hearing problem
got me all riled up.

(I'm reminded of the Marilyn Monroe statue scene in the TOMMY movie.)

I honestly thought you were making a joke at first with your mention of
a chiropractor.  Then I realized you were serious.  I don't doubt that
what you say happened actually did happen.  However, I feel you've drawn
the wrong conclusions as to why your hearing in your one ear left you
& then returned. 

I'm not sure what caused your hearing to go wacky.  But I bet it had 
nothing to do with what the chiropractor did to you.  It's easy to fall
victim to incorrect cause & effect deductions.  I did this; and that 
happened.  Therefore, this must have caused that.

You speak of your significant other going away & your long-dormant back 
pain suddenly reemerging.  And when she returns, the pain mysteriously
goes away.

You visit a chiropractor & your hearing mysteriously disappears in one
ear.  It returns but when you visit the chiropractor once more, again
your hearing in one ear vanishes.

My point is that the human body & mind are complex.  There is much we're
still learning about both.  Stressful situations can cause the body to
react in bizarre ways.  Mind & body are linked.  An extreme mind-state
can manifest itself by producing physical reactions or even ailments.

The relationship between your back pain & your significant other isn't
caused by any "energy" or "other-worldly" vibe. (I know you never claimed
this, Jon, I'm just trying to make a point.)  Mental stress (and the 
absence of it) is quite enough to affect your back pain.

The chiropractor doing his thing didn't cause your hearing to vanish in
one ear.  I don't know what did, but to immediately assume that it must've
been caused by the chiropractor - disregarding known medical knowledge -
when other explanations may be more plausible, is misguided & unreason-
able thinking, Jon.  

That's the other side of the story.  And I must tell it. 

> I wasn't pushing Chiropractic.  

Perhaps not, but what if, because of your post, Jo decided to make a few
chiropractic visits in order to try to limit the hearing loss she is
experiencing in her other ear?  

See, this is where unrealistic thinking can start inducing detrimental
behavior.  The "Oh, what's the harm?" argument no longer applies. 

> Chill, man!  You assume stuff real quick and come up like some kinda 
> trap door spider or something. 

I'm chilled now.  Sorry.  But be warned:  I've had an epiphany in the 
past several years.  I'm gonna do my damnedest to try to promote critical
& reasoned thinking during my time on this planet.  You've got your
agenda, & I've got mine.

> Whatever works is my point.

Whatever is *proven* to work is *my* point. 

> I am not anti-science.  I love science.  

You love *your* view of science as it fits within your religious & spirit-
ual ideas.  That's not true science.  That's science with an asterisk.

> I just don't like when, in the name of science, folks become biased 
> about me purely on what they *assume* I believe. 

What are you on about?  I'm not "assuming" anything.  You told your
chiropractor story & insinuated Jo might find relief from such a visit.
"Have you ever went to a chiropractor for that?" is what you asked.
That's all I'm responding to.

> Science alone doesn't make one all knowing.  

Who said that?  You're diluting this discussion.

> You're fighting someone else, not me.

You're all I've got tonight.  ;-)

> I don't fit that dogmatic, self righteous, religious, fear of learning, 
> hillbilly, anti-science category. 

No, you're *more* frustrating than those types!  You're an extremely in-
telligent, thoughtful, art-loving, knowledgeable person who unfortunately
is using that intelligence & passion to defend some utterly unrealistic,
wholly supernatural, shockingly antiquated, & completely nonsensical
world-views.  You're one of the good ones; and it pains me that your
mind is so clouded.

> Whatever is true is true and I can rest with that and remain open to 
> learn more.

Well, we need to work on what you so blindly accept as being true.

> Peace! :-)

Peace back.  I'm chilled. <deep breath>  Sorry again about yesterday's
sarcastic rant.  I'll buy the next round.  Jager?  Who's ready for a 
shot of Jager?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism