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Re: Obviously some can't handle venturing off topic.

	>From: Alan McKendree 
	>Subject: Re: Obviously some can't handle venturing off topic. 
>Nah. I apologize to all Vermontonians who also find your abuse unpersuasive.

Asking you to consider the smell, via a personal attack (we were having fun until *you* opened your yap), that you've brought to the list is "abuse" ?
Oh, that's rich.
And, it's Vermonters, not Vermontonians.

>Can't say I was. But chiding me for an off-topic response to your off-topic post seems a bit 

I know you believe you're quite the wit, Alan.  I'm chiding you for the *personal* nature of your "off topic response".
But, you know, along with others, what you did.  It strikes me that the only times we hear from you here is when you're pointing out a perceived deficiency, or criticizing others.  Not at all the chummy Alan, I see over on Relayers.  Talk about inconsistent.
Oh, and talk about inconsistent!  If I read you correctly, you feel that we should do away with government involvement/programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the military, the CIA, Homeland security, and all the government programs in this country that work mighty well (CIA obviously debatable).
If this is what you believe, you're crazy.
If this isn't what you believe, then you prove yourself wrong by agreeing with me that government has it's place, but not on all issues or programs (apples and oranges).   So, who's inconsistent now, chum?
Drop it Alan, and crawl back into your hole.

Kevin in VT 

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