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Re: Hearing impaired fans!

We did a experiment in 7th grade where one person had a buddy for a day and you were blindfolded the entire time!!! Belive me it sucked the wang big time!! Drinking milk was a bad time also walking into things!! Walking into girls was fun of course but the rest sucked lol. Being deaf would suck I know but you could cominicate still as I am doing now. Think of what Pete was thinking when he wrote Tommy...kid was in a black void,he had nothing to live for. WOW too deep for me time to play some music....Bill 
> I'd much rather be blind that deaf, since if I were
> deaf I would no longer be able to listen to the music
> I so love, including of course The Who.  I remember
> reading an interview with Frankie Valli (whom I used
> to madly love when I was 13; now I only listen to his
> music as a guilty pleasure), where he said that when
> he found out he was losing his hearing in 1967 he had
> wanted to jump out of a window; I pretty much feel the
> same way.  I'd go insane without being able to hear my
> favourite music, while if I were blind I could at
> least still read my favourite books and writers in braille.
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