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Great Googly Moogly!

>Leave me out of this.
>Jo asked for an opinion, I give it, and now I'm creating generalizations?
>I don't think so.
>It was a statement about *one* person.

Good God Kevin...take a valium and ride it out.  Don't you think you're being
a weeeee bit over-sensitive here?  I don't remember calling you the Filthy
Gutter Fuck from Vermont...Jeez man, relax and settle down; lay down on the

Sorry man, Jo asked for a "male" opinion, not just yours specifically.  To me,
that means the subject itself is open to comment - by anyone.  You threw in
your two cents and I threw in mine.  I made one comment about what I called a
generalization by you, and a billion other comments about what it's like from
the old school coach's perspective.  Sorry if you interpret that as a slam
man.  It wasn't intended to be.  Hell, I even called you an "esteemed"
collegue.  What, you want more???  Well...

"Fuck you.  Don't come following me no more." - Gastogne, the waiter.  THAT'S

Jim in Colorado