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Re: Hearing impaired fans!

In a message dated 2/10/2004 1:12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I'm sorry, Jon.  Jo, you go right ahead & spend your hard-earned money
on a chiropractor visit for your hearing problem.  And from now on, Jon,
I'll believe everything you say, even if it contradicts all known research,
all known evidence, & every known scientific study.  Obviously, there's
much more to reality than all *that* garbage, right?

I was wrong to try to prevent Jo from spending money on a medical treat-
ment that I naively believed had nothing to do with her hearing problem.
If a chiropractor affected your hearing in the past, Jon, then I fully
renounce the long history & study of medicine, & will, from now on, be-
lieve *your* personal experience over all else.

Here's the story:

In '96 I fell 30 feet down onto my lower back while I was spraying an 
outside. I got back up and finished it before I hardened up and never went to see a 
doctor.  The pain went away after a few weeks.

When momma went to the clink last year, the pain mysteriously came back and 
remained the entire time she was gone. Since I do physical labor, it became 
excruciating.  I didn't go the pain med route for obvious reasons. 
 I went to a chiropractor to get realigned and relieve my lower back pain.  
The whole time (about 8 mos.) I went there I was bombarded with this "push" 
about chiropractic being some kind of a cure all. I could smell a salesman. I 
only wanted to get my back to stop hurting, which it did when adjusted (until I 
got back out of my car 30 minutes later) and was told that it would go away 
eventually once my spine relearned it's proper position. Makes sense. What 
happened was, my left ear went deaf!  I stopped going for a month and my hearing 
returned.  The day I went back, it went deaf immediately when he adjusted my 
neck.  I never went back.

When honey came home and I got back into the swing of things, my back pain 
left. I guess I should have just called Dr. Love!

The fact that bones moving affected my hearing made me suggest to Jo that she 
consider what happened to me.  Maybe she had something move at childbirth in 
her neck that may have done something to close an ear canal.  I don't know.

 I wasn't pushing Chiropractic.  Chill, man!  You assume stuff real quick and 
come up like some kinda trap door spider or something. Whatever works is my 

I am not anti-science.  I love science.  I just don't like when, in the name 
of science, folks become biased about me purely on what they *assume* I 
believe. Science alone doesn't make one all knowing.  You're fighting someone else, 
not me.  I don't fit that dogmatic, self righteous, religious, fear of 
learning, hillbilly, anti-science category. However, I do know a few things that I am 
confident about.  I don't need to go about attacking science because I know 
these things.  Whatever is true is true and I can rest with that and remain 
open to learn more.

Peace! :-)

Jon in Mi.