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Roger's Stuttering

> How about Daltrey's stuttering during My Generation Blues at Swansea 
> along with Pete's stuttering guitar.  AMAZING!

What's even more amazing is how Pete & Roger both finish their respect-
ive, improvised stutters *at exactly the same time.*  

Daltrey's nearly 10-second long d-d-d-d stutter finally flows into the
word "generation," & is sung *just as* Pete finishes his long staccato,
muted, guitar-string-stutter with that little four-note riff which per-
fectly mimics Daltrey's singing of the word "generation!"  Brilliant!

And remember, they're improvising!

It's a beautiful example of two artists who have played together for so
long that they can *feel* & *anticipate* each other's cues & changes. It
doesn't *always* work, but, yeah, when it does, it's amazing.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism