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an outlet

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:57:28 EST
From: JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx
Subject: an outlet..

I have decided to use this outlet, since I don't
really have any other 
will reach a group of people, to express my outrage
and disgust and 
anger over 
the media frenzy about what I'm gonna call: "the

at a time where this country is expected to reach a
record deficit of 
billion this year, the bush administration "hinting"
that WMD in iraq 
exist (only cheney and rumsfeld seem to have hope that
it still does), 
it is costing over 500 american lives and thousands
more of iraqi 
about over 1,000 people in the third world, as i'm
typing this, have 
died from 
either hunger or AIDS, John kerry is winning most of
the democratic 
and yet "the boob" is the biggest story this country
is dealing with. 
cares?! and to top it all off, CBS have decided to ban
"miss J." from 
the grammy 
awards because of this incident. she was expected to
just simply 
present and 
introduce a tribute to Luther vandross. timberlake
however is expected 
to go on 
and I feel if he is so smart, he will protest this by
either making a 
statement during his performance or drop out of the
program altogether. 
how come 
eminem was allowed to go on when he performed with
elton John but Janet 
ratings perhaps? 

what has happened to this "free nation"? a country
where it seems 
violence on 
TV is more acceptable than sex or nudity. i'd rather
have the sex and 
than the violence thank you. sorry if I sound like a
"hippie". i've 
against violence on TV really, just seems unfair that
a stupid "boob" 
and bono 
cursing at the golden globes last year gets more
press. I think 9/11 is 
a good 
example of violence on television. but that's just me.

agree or disagree with me if you want, I just needed
an outlet to get 
this off my chest. it's very rediculous. why should a
"free nation" 
like america 
having censoring on, let's say, the osbournes but when
it's aired in 
all the cursing is left in and no one makes a big deal
about it over 


I'm afraid i am very  surprised at America's reaction
to this. I was watching the super bowl live here at
2am and enjoying a fucking great game. (some of us
brits do indeed understand, and enjoy this great

Anyway, as you rightly say, it seems that violence can
be shown on mainstream tv, pictures of innocent people
in the middle east with bits hanging off, shootings,
killings are all, it seems, accepted as the norm. It
is not the norm. Yet when it comes to nudity and bad
language, people are crucified for it. i always
thought it stupid that Roger may get in trouble for
swearing on stage -during a song! Nuts!!
Here in the uk though, as long as you put it in an
"arty" programme, you can get away with anything. 
This week has been a good example. During a reality tv
programme, I'm a celeb, get me out of here, Johnny
Rotten, live on tv, said the fuck and cunt word. They
only had 80 complaints! (mind you, i think only 90
people watch it)

ANd as for that streaker at half-time at the
superbowl, the tv refused to show the pictures.He is a
serial streaker and has done many events over here. I
dont know what their concerns were about, he a very
small penis.

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