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Re: UK Magazine Watch

Uncut magazine in the UK's March 2004 issue came out today, and contains a
generally pleasing review of the Tommy Deluxe, with a photo (I don't recall
seeing before) of the band on the rest of the page.

However, the really good news is that next month, the cover and lead article

World exclusive interview with Pete Townshend - the truth about "Tommy and
me",  plus Roger Daltrey on the 35th Anniversary of the release of Tommy.

Also, the cover mount CD will be the "The Roots of Tommy" - 15 tracks that
inspired the Who's classic album.

No track listing is given.

Someone at Uncut must be a fan of the Who, I think!

So it's run, don't walk to W H Smith in March for the second major issue on
the Who from Uncut in 3 months