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Who in Japan info from Japanese magazine

I got the following from a Japanese Who fan whom I
won't name in case he wouldn't want me to:

I got a .pdf file of the magazine (rockin'on) article.
The detail of the festival is revealed in a interview
to the guy from the concert promoter called UDO.
Here's the summery of the interview.

- There'll be a big rock festival held by UDO in July
- At the point of the interview, only date, venue and
4 headline bands were decided.
- Date: July 24th(Sat) and 25th(Sun)
- Venue: Yokohama International Stadium (near Tokyo,
outside, capacity-50,000-60,000) and Osaka Dome
(indoor, capacity-40,000)
- All the bands will be playing both cities in 2 days
(if the Who play 24th in Yokohama, they'll play in
Osaka on 25th)
- Only one stage at both venues and around 10 bands
are playing
- Regarding the Who, the offer came from the band's
side last year
- There'll be more bands to come (more Japanese bands)
- Ticket price would be about 10,000 to 20,000
Japanese Yen
- Official announcement from UDO would be out on April

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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