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Re: Who at the Hollywood Bowl

> Well im in the LA area, so no complaints.  But I'm in the dark
> about just what this show is all about?.  The start of the new tour?

Doesn't look that way.  From the pieces of the puzzle that we have,
it's starting to show a picture of The Who playing in Japan & Australia
this summer with perhaps a smattering of U.S. shows, but no big U.S.

It's been said that it's going to a busy upcoming year & a half for The
Who & that may not be an exaggeration.  Japan & Australia this summer;
new album release in autumn '04 or early '05; long U.S. tour in summer
'05; and who knows what else?  More European dates?

I've been bitching about The Who not being in league with the Stones.
Looks like, for the next year & a half, they will be.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism