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Re: Clarification

>doesn't resonate; there's sick stomach-twisting feeling deep inside me that fears it might be true.

Damned overwrite! It was supposed to read: "...there's NO sick stomach-twisting feeling..."

- -Tommy was abused by an uncle


OK...we both know these are John's lyrics, not Pete's. Did Pete say he needed a song about Tommy being abused? If so, I don't recall it.

- -Make me Real

Back to this one in a moment.

- -And I Moved

Written for Bette Midler. And for that matter, I don't see this one as pointing to pedophilia.

- -Rough Boys

Or this one, unless you count the word "boys." And as a 46 year-old myself, I could consider a guy in his 20's as a boy. I read it as such from Pete as well. Besides, these last two have already been used for the basis for proof of homosexuality (also bogus IMHO)...which is NOT the same thing, and as I understand it the twain do not meet. But then of course he'd have to be a homosexual (nothing wrong with that) and as I say I don't buy that...so maybe.

>I am not the one pointing to these. But to find something, others may. 

Certainly they will, as they'll look under every rock (no pun intended).

>So, to your point, is there a history?

Well, you have a good point with Don't Try To Make Me Real. I hadn't caught that before, or rather wasn't thinking along such literal lines when I read it. I still feel it's artistic license, then too there's the theory that if he WAS feeling that way he certainly wouldn't articulate it in a song. But you could counter that it was unconscious, and that is also a good point. Abused children often become abuser adults...and we know Pete was abused. So perhaps instead of 99% sure I'm now 80% sure he's not a pedophile.

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