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Guardian on vagueness of law

The Guardian has an editorial on Pete's arrest and the
law that led to it:

"Ultimately, most of us have no idea what child porn
looks like, nor will we - unless we have a
professional interest - ever meet anyone who admits to
knowing. It could be so manifestly real that it's
horrific, or it could be as airbrushed as the chicken
lady. It could be five-year-olds or it could be
pretend 15-year-olds. The only people with the answers
are the police - the same police, remember, who can be
found storming art galleries because they contain
pictures of children on beaches without any pants on.
There has been insufficient debate, and weird opacity
in this matter. Everything about it resonates with
mystery, panic and taboo. That is not how sensible
laws come about."

Read all at:

-Brian in Atlanta
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