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Re: This latest scandal

>Exactly.  A huge statement.  Or, would it cause folk to focus on the fact
that it's only Pete and Roger?


"There is no bad publicity." Although today's headlines might destroy that chestnut.

>Where's the variety?  You know, it's the spice of life!  The smokies get
cold.  Start shopping for more coats!

I want it just cold enough, not too cold. I have coats. I just don't let go...uh, I mean use them often.

>Well kept cows don't smell.  It's their manure that smells.  ;-)

"Well kept cows?" Down here, they just let them roam around in a field and then they slaughter them. And yes, they DO stink. I know, I used to hunt for mushrooms. Find mushrooms.

>I'm now unfortunately up to speed.
I feel like I'm going to throw up.

You know, I have jury duty this week. I just got home from not being selected for a case that hit uncomfortable close to home (as a Who fan, I mean). The guy was being charged with getting a 13 year-old boy to give him oral sex. This after reading the articles about Pete. Talk about feeling like throwing up...when the judge asked if anyone had a problem, I was wondering "Who wouldn't???" But fortunately for me, enough people bailed to make the jury pool too small and now I'm Free. At least from that case. Still, I didn't bail on it because I figured the guy could be innocent, and might need someone on the jury who wouldn't instantly brand him a molester. Then again, if he was...he should BURN.

>Why would Pete allow his credit card to be used & money taken from
his account (I assume) & given to even *one* of these type of web-


If he was doing research, as he said, then why wouldn't he? He used the service, he should pay for it like anyone else would be expected to.

>Wouldn't your second thought (after being disgusted by the site itself)
be, "Well, they're not getting any of *my* money!"?

I'm sure that's a second thought for a lot of people who might use that service. "I don't want that on my credit card!" I'm sure they have ways of preventing such remorse to cost them money.

>Lordy, lordy, lordy.....

What, are you forty?

>Roger Daltrey, lead singer with The Who, told the paper (The Sun) he 
believed Townshend was innocent.

And he would know! Having traveled and essentially lived with him for how many years?

"I am for Affirmative Action"
     Trent "Clinton is a liar" Lott

                                             Cheers             ML
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