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Pete Townshend - Ground Breaker!


This is your finest hour.   You've always broken ground and captivated
all of us with your candor.   Many a taboo subject has been laid to waste
by your music and poetry.   You're charitable efforts are unmatched.

This is a big sacrifice you are making and we all appreciate it.  Good things
will come from this.   I just hope you survive it.

This is probably completely unintentional, but Pete seems to be leading the
charge on this cause simply by being pursued by the police and press in
a highly publicized mess.  It's like a scene out of "Life of Brian"

The parallels to Psychoderelict are unnerving.

I see the Townshend Act being passed all over again.  This time it will be
to prosecute / fine suppliers that knowingly support and aid sites that
exploit, produce, and distribute this material.

Stand by.

Joe in Philly