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Various thoughts...

>>That's a point. I still can't forgive Plant's arrogance in saying they 
couldn't go on without Bonham after The Who continued without Moon. <<

I really doubt that Plant based his decision on spiting The Who.

>>Then again, Zep was in STEEP decline and IMHO Plant just wanted a graceful 
way out.<<

I don't share the "STEEP decline" observation.  Jimmy was probably the weak 
link during that period and seemed a bit "herioned-out" at times, but Jones 
always sounded great and Bonham NEVER lost it.   "In Through The Out Door" 
was a bit different, but is generally regarded as a good album nonetheless, 
and has a better reputation today than FD does (I LIKE Faces Dances, by the 

I disagree.  Pete's bass playing (sort of like his drumming) is fine for his 
demos/songwriting, but I would prefer someone who actually plays bass as his 
primary instrument for the Who, not a "dabbler."  Besides, I would prefer 
that The Who, if they continue, be a BAND again, not just the 
Daltrey/Townshend project... (i.e. 4 or 5 permanent members)

>>And is it a foregone conclusion that Pino will be the bass player?
...<snip> I'd suggest again: Tony Butler.<<

I'd suggest TERRY Butler....  (Geezer).

>>Personally, I think the best songs on Face Dances and It's Hard are the 
ones written by John Entwistle. Period.<<

Fair enough.... I LOVE the song, "YOU."  Maybe I have residual bitterness 
from a past girlfriend or something, but I hang on every word of that song, 
plus (perhaps more importantly-?-) musically, it *rocks*.

>>How dare you criticize Kenny Jones.  He did a fine job with The Who.
Pete's songwriting was the problem when Kenny was in the band. <<

I agree.  Actually, I think the production was the main problem, if there was 
one.  I enjoy a lot of Kenney's drumming on FD as well as live around that 
time.  If The Who had retained Kenney throughout all of their reunion tours, 
etc., (as I feel they should have...it just seemed odd to me that they got 
back together and "forgot" to tell one of their members), would there still 
be such animosity and criticism of him, or would he just be accepted as The 
Who's drummer without all of the controversy?  It seems most of the criticism 
of Kenney took place after he was out of the band, rather than while he was 
in it.