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RE: Various thoughts...


Roger told Pete he would not do the 89 tour with Kenney on drums.  There
have been various explanations, but I don't know if there is a definitive

Currently Roger says all the right things, "Kenney is a great drummer, but
he was the wrong drummer for The Who."

Rick in Maine

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I agree.  Actually, I think the production was the main problem, if there
one.  I enjoy a lot of Kenney's drumming on FD as well as live around that
time.  If The Who had retained Kenney throughout all of their reunion tours,
etc., (as I feel they should have...it just seemed odd to me that they got
back together and "forgot" to tell one of their members), would there still
be such animosity and criticism of him, or would he just be accepted as The
Who's drummer without all of the controversy?  It seems most of the
of Kenney took place after he was out of the band, rather than while he was
in it.