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Re: Ringo on vocals? UGH!!!!!

Ringo can outsing most modern vocalist...period!

From: Sroundtable@aol.com
Reply-To: thewho@igtc.com
To: TheWho@igtc.com
Subject: Ringo on vocals? UGH!!!!!
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 22:54:40 -0500

In a message dated 1/9/2003 9:53:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, TheWho-Digest-Owner@igtc.com writes:

> You could even get Ringo to guest star on some of the
> vocals... what more could you want?

I certainly hope not. Having MCCartney play bass on a track would be cool, but no flashy supergroup thing. That's not the Who. Ringo couldn't sing when young as a beatle and he certainly can't sing now. Only vox should be Daltrey and Townshend, and maybe Simon Townshend to get some more complex harmonies.


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