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Re: I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

Re: "Who's Left"

> It would be "shocking," and get them lots of publicity...not a 
> bad > thing when you're running an uphill battle to be noticed 
> in the market.

Possibly.  Or would it just give the critics free reign to make all 
the jokes they want?

> How many coats do YOU own? I have two, and rarely need either. 

Never let go the coats, Mark.  ;-)  (sorry)

> Yeah...every time they've had a hard time making the album, Tommy 
> Quad and WN springing to mind...they've been fantastic. 

TOMMY maybe, but where's your evidence that they had trouble making
QUAD & WHO'S NEXT?  I'm talking about actually having difficulties
in the studio, recording the songs, molding them.  Pete had difficulty
expressing his LIFEHOUSE *concept,* but apart from the aborted N.Y. 
sessions, the recording of WN, by all accounts, went smoothly.

> When it's easy, you get FD. I'll take the conflict, myself.

Well, there's bound to be problems making a new studio album at this 
stage in their career; especially considering Pete's newly realized
apprehension about creating Who/rock songs.

Again, it's down to Pete.  If the songs are blatantly mediocre then
the studio struggle to breathe life into them will be glaringly ob-

On the flip side, if the songs are kick-ass, ideally they'll be easier
& more enjoyable to record.  The band will be pumped, etc.  

But trying to put a nice gloss on a batch of so-so songs.....well.....
good luck.

> How about "The DT's?"

That's plural.  Are we cloning?  And "The TD's" sounds better.  Say 
it fast.  ;-) 

> Andy Partridge. Albeit filtered through acid visions...

<insert Danny Partridge joke here> 

> "Goofy?" Who uses the word "goofy" in the Twenty Hundreds?

*I* use the word "goofy!"  Who uses the term "Twenty Hundreds?"

> He (Kenny Jones) always sounded to me like he was trying to keep up.

Not on that Essen '81 video.  He's flying.  Powerful & insistent. 

> Moon on the other hand drove the band forward.

C'mon.  You know Moon could drag on occasion.

> While those two might not be their best, and FD definitely one of 
> their worst, there are some pretty good songs there.

What?  Five songs from two albums?  "*Some* good songs" also translates
into "*many* crappy songs."

> > Probably Jon Astley.
> Who cannot provide commentary....

Commentary?  I'm talking about the physical act of searching for & 
sorting through any archived tapes.  Daltrey ain't gonna waste his time 
doing that!  Neither is Pete.  That's what they *pay* people for. 

> and has an agenda.

What "agenda" does Jon Astley have when it comes to old Who material?

> That's "King," Bucko.

Apologies, Your Highness.  ;-)

> No question about that, especially Dangerous.

And "The Quiet One."

- SCHRADE in Akron