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Re: I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

>Possibly.  Or would it just give the critics free reign to make all 
the jokes they want?


Oh, like they won't ANYWAY. Like they don't ALREADY. I guess you could say that in this way Pete could actually direct the jokes instead of being at the mercy of some unimaginative critic who's just trying to impress his supermodel girlfriend anyway.

>Never let go the coats, Mark.  ;-)  (sorry)

That's OK. It's in the 70's here today. Global warming? No such thing, huh?

>TOMMY maybe, but where's your evidence that they had trouble making

For one thing, with WN (as you say) Pete wasn't able to get the concept across to the point where he had a nervous breakdown. I'd call that "trouble." He couldn't have been functioning on all pistons. And the dumping of Lambert, that had to be a problem. As for Quad, the studio wasn't finished and was being worked on AS they recorded. The material was hard for them to do, especially Daltrey.

>On the flip side, if the songs are kick-ass, ideally they'll be easier
& more enjoyable to record.  The band will be pumped, etc.  

They should record them virtually live. IMHO. A "balls to the wall" from the guts basic Rock album. No ballads, no flourishes, no apologies.

>That's plural.  Are we cloning?  And "The TD's" sounds better.

But there is such a thing as "The DT's" so (like the name The Who) it is instantly memoriable...and approprate, I'd say, for a band who ran on alcohol more than drugs.

>*I* use the word "goofy!"  Who uses the term "Twenty Hundreds?"

What ELSE can you call it? The beginning for WW III? The last years of the human race before Bush destroyed us all just to prove he is really the President despite the vote? I'll take suggestions...

>Not on that Essen '81 video.  He's flying.  Powerful & insistent. 

We're talking about studio, though. And what about Chicago? Toronto? Live Aid?

>C'mon.  You know Moon could drag on occasion.

Only after 1975.

> What?  Five songs from two albums? 

You want a list? Don't Let Go The Coat/The Quiet One/Daily Records/Another Tricky Day/Athena/It's Your Turn/Cook's County/Dangerous/I've Known No War/A Man Is A Man/Cry If You Want.

>Commentary?  I'm talking about the physical act of searching for & 
sorting through any archived tapes.  Daltrey ain't gonna waste his time 

I repeat: what else has he got to do? Breed fish? I don't know about YOU, but if it was MY legacy I'd want to be the one who decides what gets released (and what doesn't).

>What "agenda" does Jon Astley have when it comes to old Who material?

I think he has an agenda...I don't know if I can describe it for you, but knowing as I do what's out there yet unreleased, I get the feeling he is deciding for us all what the image of The Who shall be. Don't you get that impression? Ask yourself why they've corrected their mistake and released a stereo AQO at last, but the studio Young Man Blues is still a different and vastly inferior version? Why Doctor Jekyll is yet unreleased. The extra material for Quad (reportedly an LP side's worth)? Fillmore East 1968? Amsterdam 1969? ANY 1971-72 show?????? Quad at Philly and the Capitol Centre from 12/73 (reportedly remixed and remastered and ready for release)? And so on, and so forth.

>Apologies, Your Highness.  ;-)

It's true I am high from time to time...and I used to listen to Tommy while tripping, too. How many people can say that now?

>And "The Quiet One."


"I am for Affirmative Action"
     Trent "Clinton is a liar" Lott

                                             Cheers             ML
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