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Re: I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

>Whooops. Ok, then...ummmm....ummmmm.....hope/pray for more acting jobs?


Yeah, that would be about it.

>Well, I do. I'd rather have a Pete motivated by passion than by greed. Greed, as we can see in various institutions, brings only shoddy results to the whole.

Much as you and I might wish for an artistic resurgence...I don't see ANYONE doing anything in Rock music right now that impresses me. I suppose as a Who loyalist I might tell myself "if anyone can, Pete can" and certainly I think his last solo album was his best (Psychoderelict, I mean...not the Scoops and live shows). Still I can't make myself believe that Rock music hasn't been dead since about 1974.

>It would be kind of cool, wouldn't it?

It would be "shocking," and get them lots of publicity...not a bad thing when you're running an uphill battle to be noticed in the market.

>Hey, "cowboy" is a dirty word to any self respecting Redskins fan like myself!!!

It's a dirty word here, too.

>Knowing your love for the mountains, I know you can't possibly think that living in VT is a burden to bear.

Yeah? How many coats do YOU own? I have two, and rarely need either. Short sleeve shirts all year round. I do want mountains, and soon will live amongst them, but I'm not into 6 months of snow for it.

>married ;-). I actually like cows. They're cool, and quite interested and curious 

Uh...have you ever gotten close enough to smell one? Maybe up there in the arctic regions it isn't as bad...but "stink on ice" does come to mind...

> My desire is that they enjoy making it, 

>Yes, that has to be a given. If it turns into a long chore, it'll 
show in the music.


Yeah...every time they've had a hard time making the album, Tommy Quad and WN springing to mind...they've been fantastic. When it's easy, you get FD. I'll take the conflict, myself.

>nice alliteration there in the name Page & Plant. P & P. "Townshend
& Daltrey" doesn't flow as nice.

How about "The DT's?"

>Not in my book, either. Bruce Springsteen my ass.

Andy Partridge. Albeit filtered through acid visions...

>That sounds goofy. I wouldn't like that. 

"Goofy?" Who uses the word "goofy" in the Twenty Hundreds?

>How dare you criticize Kenny Jones.

I dare, I dare. He was OK for Rod Steward (aka Mick Jagger Lite). Not The Who. He always sounded to me like he was trying to keep up. Moon on the other hand drove the band forward.

>Pete's songwriting was the problem when Kenny was in the band. 

While those two might not be their best, and FD definitely one of their worst, there are some pretty good songs there.

>Great idea but wishful thinking.

Yeah, well...I'm still waiting for the boys to do what's best for them, and it's going on 35 years now.

>handled by someone other than Pete or Roger. Probably Jon Astley.

Who cannot provide commentary and has an agenda.

>You're biting off more than *they* can chew!! 

THEY don't have to be involved that much. Roger, but that's his arena.

>You sound like the Acid Queen.

That's "King," Bucko.

>Personally, I think the best songs on Face Dances and It's Hard are the ones
written by John Entwistle. Period.

No question about that, especially Dangerous.

"I am for Affirmative Action"
     Trent "Clinton is a liar" Lott

                                             Cheers             ML
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