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Flog It! gets peak-time Saturday night slot 

Art dealer Paul Martin is moving his auction show Flog
It! to a Saturday evening slot on BBC2.

The 60-minute teatime show follows the up and downs of
members of the public selling their belongings at

It has doubled the average audience for its daytime
slot, attracting up to 2.7 million viewers.

Martin follows in the footsteps of David Dickinson,
who took his cult daytime antiques show into

Flog It! producer Hannah Corneck told Media Guardian:
"It takes the Antiques Roadshow to its logical
conclusion from valuation to selling. There's an
entrepreneurial part in everybody."

Martin, who owns an antiques shop in the Wiltshire
town of Marlborough and specialises in 17th and 18th
century English and Welsh oak furniture, made his TV
presenting debut on the show.

He has previously worked at the Pinewood film studio
as a set designer and was also employed at Who
guitarist Pete Townshend's recording studio for a

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!
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