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Re: I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

> Scott this was a very good post. 

Every now & then an intelligent idea makes it to the surface of my
muddled mind.

> If they do the album -- which it looks like they will, it will be 
> interesting to hear what they have to say. 

Yeah, the more I discuss it, the idea of a new album excites me.  But
I'm like Cuz Kev; I fear the jokes & critical reviews.  I know I 
shouldn't give a fuck, but I do.  I'm worried what others will think.
Hell, I'm worried what *I* might think!  What if *I* don't like it?!
See?  Now I'm put off the idea.

> My desire is that they enjoy making it, 

Yes, that has to be a given.  If it turns into a long chore, it'll 
show in the music.

> Pete now interpreting Roger?  Very different indeed.

Well, I'd hope the majority of this possible album would be Pete's
thought & ideas rather than Roger's.  One or two Daltrey songs would
be OK, but let's face it, Pete has the proven track record (!) when
it comes to creating music.

> I believe that it will be called The Who mainly for the reason of 
> record sales with a label being involved. 

Don't forget radio airplay, too.  The Who "brand name" has a strong
history on classic rock radio.  Page & Plant were able to get away
with it because Zeppelin had been dormant for so long.  Plus, there's
nice alliteration there in the name Page & Plant.  P & P. "Townshend
& Daltrey" doesn't flow as nice.

> Whatever they are called, I know Who they are and I can live with 
> that.

True.  We (everyone) should let the music speak for itself.  

> As a spokesman for the struggles of the human life, Pete has no equal.

Not in my book, either.  Bruce Springsteen my ass.

> ...maybe Pete can use his eloquent utterance to tell us many more 
> wonderful things that Roger wants to say.  

But they have to be careful not to tamper too much with the successful
game plan they've employed in the past.  Pete's the one that has to 
come through with the goods.  Roger can then slip comfortably back into 
his role of interpreting Pete's extraordinary lyrics.  

> That may in turn re-light the fire in himself (Pete) again.

Something's going on already.  The pilot light seems to be lit anyway.

- SCHRADE in Akron