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Re: I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

>I suspect any record company that gets involved will want The Who's
name on the album, too, rather than just "Townshend/Daltrey" or 
something like that. 


You can't always get what you want (I knew you'd appreciate my use of this phrase), even if you're a record label. Besides, they could have a sticker on the plastic which says: "formerly The Who." That would serve just as well. Or it could be, as suggested, Who's Left. Or Who Are We. Or something like that. Who The Fuck. Yeah...

>And is it a foregone conclusion that Pino will be the bass player?

Let's hope not. If his work last summer is any indication, he's a fine bass player that's not suited to this particular kind of music. The "Kenney Jones" of bass players. I'd suggest again: Tony Butler.

>make Daltrey's wish come true.

A 20 year old blonde with large breasts?

>the bare bones of the group. Arguably the two most important members but
ironically the two most disparate personalities.

IOW...they're older now and have mellowed out.

>become "mates." That's good enough for me. 

I'm with you on that. I think perhaps Pete should put Roger in charge of going through the master tapes & demos and begin the release of outakes and concerts. With commentary, of course. Then, too, where is a Who movie? Like the Oliver Stone Doors movie, you know? Not just about Moon...the band's story is easily as compelling as Morrison's.

>Too bad it all sounds slowed down. 

I've got the solution for ya. Download a (free) copy of Gold Wave, which I've found is the easiest speed correction program I've tried. If you need help with it, EMail me privately. We'll fix you right up.

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